NDP Creating Another Roadblock for Alberta Teen With Rare Disease: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: Following questions in the Alberta Legislature related to funding for a lifesaving drug for Alberta teen Haley Chisholm, it is clear the NDP are unwilling to listen to the health professional who knows Haley’s case best and fund the drug, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean asked a set of questions during Question Period including asking for a firm answer on receiving funding for the drug, whether the Premier would commit to following the advice of Haley’s nephrologist Dr. Julian Midgley, and whether the Premier would conduct a review of current regulations related to the Short Term Exceptional Drug Treatment Program (STEDT).

“Approving the Chisholm family’s request to provide funding through the STEDT Program would improve Haley’s life, and potentially extend it,” Jean said. “This isn’t about playing politics as the Deputy Premier implied, this is about getting an Alberta teen access to a drug for a very rare condition.”

The Chisholm family has met many roadblocks in seeking funding for Soliris which would treat her rare kidney disease, C3 glomerulopathy. As the MLA for Highwood where Haley lives, Wayne Anderson has also reached out to the Health Minister in an attempt to get funding approved.

“Haley is in the early years of her life and has so much to contribute, but without funding for Soliris, she will continue to see her condition gradually worsen,” Anderson said. “I implore the Health Minister to review the regulations surrounding STEDT Program and approve Haley’s application for funding.”