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NDP Connections to the Tides Foundation Cause for Concern: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: With a new report outlining how millions in foreign funds impacted Canada’s 2015 federal election, the NDP government needs to do more to separate itself from the Tides Foundation, which was one of the worst offenders, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The report shows how the anti-oil Tides Foundation was heavily involved in third-party advertising against Conservatives during the last federal election. That same year, the Tides Foundation gave $3.3 million to anti-oil groups in Canada, including $615,000 to STAND, the Pembina Institute, Environmental Defence and Equiterre – four organizations heavily involved in crafting the NDP government’s climate plan. Karen Mahon, STAND’s national director, is one of Premier Rachel Notley’s top oil sands advisors.

“It’s becoming obvious that the anti-oil Tides Foundation has its fingerprints all over Alberta politics. The question is, to what extent,” Wildrose Shadow Economic Development and Trade Minister Prasad Panda said. “The rules against third party advertising clearly aren’t strong enough, if the Tides Foundation is able to circumvent them.”

Panda said the NDP government should fire any officials within it working second jobs for groups funded by the Tides Foundation.

“It’s deeply troubling to know there are officials on the Premier’s Oil Sands Advisory Group taking money from Tides with one hand, and money from Alberta taxpayers with the other,” Panda said. “This is clearly counter to the values and wishes of Albertans. The NDP needs to pick a side.”

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