NDP $9 Million Carbon Tax Propaganda Totally Unacceptable: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: Albertans are furious to know the NDP government will waste $9 million on carbon tax ads as they are getting ready to pay more for everything, especially gasoline and heating bills, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

The news comes on the same day Premier Rachel Notley told Albertans that the carbon tax is a “tremendous opportunity… to make better choices.”

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said no one across Alberta thinks they should be paying more to help fund NDP propaganda on the carbon tax.

“This is a total waste of money. No one in this government seems to have a clue about the concerns working families have across this province,” Jean said. “Over 74,000 people have lost work over the past year, hundreds of thousands more are seeing their incomes decline, home values are down, but the NDP is shelling out millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to sell a tax Albertans don’t support.”

A Wildrose government would repeal the carbon tax, and believe if the NDP are determined to bring one in they should get a mandate through a referendum.

Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen said the vast majority of Albertans do not support this tax.

“The NDP is spending an insulting amount of money on a tax that the vast majority of people across Alberta do not support,” Loewen said. “This is completely unacceptable. I don’t know anyone in my riding or across Alberta who asked for a carbon tax and they certainly didn’t ask for millions of their dollars to be spent to promote it. This is absolutely shameful.”