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Mount Royal Students Participate in Vivacity

Mount Royal University students pitching solutions for unprecedented vacancy rates in Calgary’s core

Project ideas on display at the Showcase

Students at Mount Royal University were tasked to find innovative ways to fill up Calgary’s increasingly empty downtown office spaces.

As part of a three-month course, students worked with Aspen Properties and Calgary Economic Development to research, test and prototype new uses for vacant office spaces. At the end of April, the results were unveiled to business leaders, policymakers and social innovators.

It’s all part of an annual initiative called “Vivacity.” The project brings together students from across six post-secondary institutions to find solutions to city challenges.

At least a quarter of Calgary’s downtown office space is now sitting empty, according to estimates, and the vacancy rate could climb to 30 per cent of the total core within the next year. Project organizers fear that a lack of job prospects may cause young people to look elsewhere to start their careers.

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Mayor Nenshi addresses the attendees at the Showcase


The Roost, a 24 hour accessible, collaborative and affordable studio space for artists to call home and feel worthy within their community.


And the winner is…. Forge!


Forge – Collaborative Brewing, a brewing space that aims to foster creativity, inspire new talent, and provide craft beer within the Calgary community.

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Source: Mount Royal University

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