Millarville Mutts and Mustangs are Off to a Great Start!

Joy Den Haan, Club Reporter

We’ve had two meetings so far this fall and elected our new executive. Our club executive includes: President- Harry Rawn, Vice President- Mikayla Carlin, Treasurer- Jenaya Morrison, Secretary- Kailey Morrison, Parliamentarian- Megan Rawn and Historian- Alyssa Scullian. The District Representative position is is shared between two members: Grace Scullian and Kiera Sweeny. We have five reporters this year: Joy-Den Haan, Kaja Pain, Bailee Smith, and Maggie Powell.

At our club this year, we have 17 members in Canine, 25 in Archery, 12 in Small Engines, and 27 in Horse. We have 7 Cleavers this year; Cleavers are members younger than 7 years of age.

In Canine, we have started obedience. We are working on sit, down, stay and wait.

In Horse, they have already had 1 clinic, with Cassidy Barnert on Bombproofing.

In Archery, they are working on accuracy

And In Small Engines, our amazing new project, They are learning about different tools/parts.

Many members whose portfolios moved on last year got invited to a district awards ceremony hosted by the Strathmore 4-H District on December 2nd. If members can’t attend, their awards will be sent home with their District reps to be presented at a district event.