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A Message from Suzanne Oel, President of the H.C.R.C.W.A: Fix Rural 911 Dispatch

As Chairperson of the Foothills Regional 911 Commission and your local Councillor, I’m sharing an important news update about our 911 Dispatch:

  • The issue of separating Fire & EMS Dispatch continues to be a problem in Southern Alberta.  It’s gotten even worse!
  • We are sharing our story through our News Release, Fact Sheet (detailed stats), Map & The 911 Call explained, on our website:
  • Lives are at risk every single day, because the current broken system of separating Fire & EMS dispatch in the 911 response is causing life-threatening delays, risk to first responders, and many other problems.
  • This affects people who live in our area, anyone travelling on our highways, visiting our parks and tourist attractions in Southern Alberta and Banff.
  • We are requesting the return of EMS Dispatch to our Foothills Regional 911 Commission, because we need a Single-point 911 Call answer with Fire & EMS dispatched together to solve the multiple problems causing delays.
  • We are asking the Health Minister to allow Foothills Regional 911 to become a satellite EMS Dispatch Centre, as has been done in 4 other places in Alberta.
  • Please visit our website for a draft letter you can email to help support this effort:

  • Check out our FB page:


Watch as MLA Pat Stier brings this issue to the Legislature

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