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Medicine Hat College Development Will Better Serve Community

The province is investing $4.3 million to provide much-needed barrier-free access to college facilities for students and community members with disabilities.

The East Campus Development project includes planning, design and renovation work to ensure students and members of the community with mobility issues have access to gymnasium space. The project will replace the current aging wheelchair lift with a passenger elevator that can accommodate people as well as cargo, and update the gymnasium exit to include a wheelchair accessible ramp. The upgrades will create barrier free access and will also meet current building code requirements.

The project will also allow the college to upgrade sanitary infrastructure which is expected to reduce future maintenance costs. Sanitary sewer lines that service the college’s main building through the east campus are nearly 50 years old and require improvements.

“We’re working to make the lives of Albertans better by investing in capital projects that make college facilities and amenities accessible to all students and community members. These capital projects also create jobs and stimulate our economy.”

Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education

“We are so pleased that the province has announced their support for this important preservation project. Upgrading the access to our gymnasium means that all members of our communities can now attend events in the gym with comfort, safety and dignity.”

Denise Henning, President of Medicine Hat College

“Access is an important issue for students so we were very pleased to hear the announcement supporting this upgrade. Right now, accessing the gym can feel like an ordeal for students with mobility issues – this project will eliminate that concern.”

Beth Lewis, Students’ Association President, Medicine Hat College

The Medicine Hat College project is one of 11 capital and planning projects for Alberta’s post-secondary system over the next four years. Government will invest $734 million in these projects, plus an additional $676 million in capital maintenance and renewal projects by 2020-21.

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