Lowering Power Bills, Cutting Emissions

The Alberta government is making sure affordable housing stays affordable for everyday Albertans by offering housing providers support to upgrade their facilities and lower their emissions.

L-R: Karen Lynch, board chair, Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF), Doug Kitlar, federal Minister Sohi, Scott McKeen, city councillor, Edmonton and Minister Sigurdson admire recent energy efficiency upgrades made by GEF in Groat House Apartments.

Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson announced the $25-million investment for housing providers that can be used to upgrade or install windows, basement insulation and energy-efficient heating systems.

Budget 2018 allocates funding over three years from the Climate Leadership Plan to make the buildings more environmentally and financially sustainable. This funding includes support from the federal government’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

“The new Affordable Housing Energy Savings program will lower utility costs as well as the carbon footprint for public housing. This investment is creating an environmentally and financially sustainable future for our province’s affordable housing.”

~Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“The environment and the economy go together. That’s why the Government of Canada is working with Alberta to put practical climate solutions into action – and creating good, middle-class jobs and economic opportunities in the process. Investing in energy efficiency pays for itself by saving money, reducing carbon pollution and making our homes and businesses more comfortable and affordable.”

~Amarjeet Sohi, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“High efficiency upgrades at Groat House Apartments have reduced emissions estimated at over 21 metric tonnes per year or the equivalent of taking 4.5 average automobiles off the road. Our systems were due for upgrades regardless, so selecting high efficiency technologies not only extends the life of the building but gives us the environmental benefits as well.”

~Doug Kitlar, director of Facility Management, Greater Edmonton Foundation

“We’re very pleased that the Minister is moving forward with funding to assist with Energy Efficiency upgrades. Our audits have identified a variety of opportunities that will improve the efficiency of our properties, be good for the environment, and enhance the quality of our tenants’ homes.”

~John Veenstra, asset manager, Calgary Housing Company

“Our new Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge is a state of art building with the latest features in energy efficiency. Though the old lodge was designed to meet the demands of the day, it doesn’t compare to the new technology which will help lower our energy bills while reducing our carbon footprint.”

~Harold James, chief administrative officer, Lamont County Housing Foundation

Quick fact

  • The Government of Alberta owns or supports more than 36,000 affordable housing units, home to more than 75,000 Albertans.