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Longview Library News: Meet the New Librarian

We welcome Lynda Winfield as our new librarian.

Lynda is a long time resident of Longview, a former staff member of the Longview Elementary School and a much loved member of the community  She is well known to the children in the village and we are very excited to have her on board.

Some of you may still be puzzled about what Marigold can do for you and what it is. Marigold is an organization that acts as an umbrella for the libraries in South Western Alberta. It provides you with books, e-books, magazines, DVDs, video games, educational enhancement programs and Freegal music downloads. You may put holds digitally on books you want, and you may renew them this way. To do all this, you must have a library card, so if you don’t have one, please come in and get one!
The library’s mandate is to provide a life long learning centre for the community of Longview. To insure this, we encourage the use of the inter-library loan system, which Marigold makes available. This service provides a great access to a vast amount of knowledge.
A pleasant read is Mr. Emerson”s Wife by Amy Belding Brown. It is an enchanting portrayal of the New England landscape and culture in the 1800s. Thoreau is very much involved in the story and the novel is just good fun.
Another suggested read is When Breath Becomes Air,  by Paul Kalaniithi. It is a life affirming reflection on the challenges of facing death and of the importance of the doctor patient relationship. Kalanithi was an exceptional neurosurgeon, who had to come to terms with his own death, and he shares his thoughts and insights, and gives courage to us all in this memorable memoir.
The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel  by Katherine Govier, born and brought up in Calgary, is an historical novel about the opening up of the Banff National Park in 1911. It is a fun read because so many of the lakes, trails and yes, even the Banff Springs Hotel are featured in it. The story revolves around a missing archaeological group, who disappears after a gruelling climb in blizzard conditions.
Happy Reading!

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