Longview Library News: Fall Back in Love with Reading

The Crib Club will start up again on Thursday, October 6th beginning at 2pm. Joan will have refreshments to welcome you back.

October is membership month. If your membership has expired, please re-new it. The number of members we have is vital information for government funding. Membership fees are as follows. Single – $10.00, Family – $20.00 and up to 18 – $3.00. The Internet and Wifi are free with your membership. When one considers that one can’t even buy a hardback book for less than $20.00, one realizes how valuable and necessary a library card is.
New non-fiction books in are: Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted; Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday: Quiet Power-The Secret Strengths of Introverts by Susan Cain.
Now that school is back in it is imperative to cultivate the habit of reading in your children. Being able to read fluently enhances the students performance at school, and also his self confidence, as do all acquired skills. It also provides them with hours of quiet pleasure in a stress filled world. There are an abundance of stories that provide comfort and guidance to children as they make their way through a troubled world. Reading also strengthens a child’s emotional IQ, as they learn that they, too, can make the world a better place.
A good read is Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan. It is the story of a young journalist in New York city, who at the age of 22 is stricken with a horrible and inexplicable disease of the brain. It is an interesting book on both the human and medical levels. The discovery and treatment of her cure throws light and hope on mental illness. It makes you feel good just to have walked the path with her.
Happy Reading!