Loewen Introduced Motion to Improve Wetland Reclamation

EDMONTON, AB: On Monday, Wildrose Shadow Environment & Parks Minister Todd Loewen introduced a motion to improve reclamation efforts where development disturbs or removes a wetland, requires fill soil or is designed to store water for industrial use.

The motion calls on the government to improve water storage in our ecosystems by consulting directly with Alberta’s construction industry to develop requirements to improve the protection of wetlands across Alberta.

Many across industry are already implementing this practice, but currently need to go through the red tape of getting permission from government first instead of it being standard practice.

“This is a real, practical path that puts in place what many in industry are already doing to improve the environment without costing families billions of dollars in new taxes,” Loewen said. “It consults first with our partners in industry who have consistently shown they care deeply for our environment and would work towards an improved environment for all Albertans.”

Wetlands and our fisheries represent a large section of protecting Alberta’s ecosystems across the province. This motion would make water storage more natural and sustainable for fish and wildlife, without adding additional costs to industry.

Loewen said his motion provides a unique opportunity to work with industry as joint-stewards of the environment, while ensuring changes don’t create any further burdens while Alberta’s economy looks to recover.

“Where we have the opportunity, we should always ensure we are protecting these unique habitats across Alberta,” Loewen said. “This is a real plan to improve our environment and it’s a motion I hope receives support from all sides of the legislature.”