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Library of Parliament Confirms NDP Carbon Tax Means Hundreds of Millions in New Revenue for Ottawa

EDMONTON, AB: A new report released from the Library of Parliament shows Albertans will be sending hundreds of millions to Ottawa under the NDP carbon tax because of increased GST revenues, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The report showed Ottawa is set to scoop up to $280 million from both Alberta and British Columbia as a direct result of the carbon tax over the next two years.

That number will only increase further as the NDP works with Ottawa to increase the carbon tax by another 150 per cent to $50 per tonne.

Both Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that all the money collected from the carbon tax would stay in Alberta.

“The carbon tax only pads the bottom line for both the NDP and Liberal governments while ripping off hardworking Alberta families,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “It’s just another reason why a Wildrose government would be committed to repealing the carbon tax.”

Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt has repeatedly called on the NDP government to release the full costs of this tax on tax.

“Premier Rachel Notley has repeatedly failed to be upfront and honest with Albertans about the full cost of this tax-on-tax,” Fildebrandt said. “The NDP should tell Albertans what the full amount of GST we’ll be paying to Ottawa every year will be and what they plan to do to get that money back.”

The Equalization Fairness Report commissioned by the Wildrose Caucus showed that Albertans send an average of $24 billion more per year to Ottawa than what we get back in transfers or government services.

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