Less Red Tape Means More Ways to Enjoy Craft Liquor

Small Alberta liquor manufacturers will have more opportunities to showcase their products, grow their businesses and connect with consumers, effective Aug. 15.

A newly created taproom licence will permit manufacturers to offer food service along with events and entertainment. These are often referred to as taprooms.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission policies have been revamped to add the new licence category so it is easier for liquor manufacturers to host events and engage more fully in their local communities.

“The government of Alberta continues to modernize and cut red tape for business and consumers. We are proud to support Alberta’s successful and growing liquor manufacturing industry. These policies provide manufacturers with a licensing framework that makes sense, reduces licensing costs and creates job opportunities by enabling business growth.”

Joe Ceci, President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance

“When we consulted with Alberta’s manufacturers, it was clear that our liquor licence classes needed to be updated to reflect the needs of this very dynamic industry. Manufacturers have more options in how they welcome customers to where they produce their product and offer event and entertainment hosting service.”

Alain Maisonneuve, acting president & CEO, AGLC

The Gaming and Liquor Regulation has also been amended so small manufacturers can operate licensed restaurants or bars away from where they produce. This will allow them to promote their products to a wider audience.

The changes stem from a consultation with the liquor industry and are designed to offer Alberta liquor manufacturers a more modern policy framework to help them grow their businesses.

Alberta’s liquor manufacturing industry has asked for these regulatory changes and the Government of Alberta and AGLC are pleased to make them a reality. Entrepreneurs are establishing award-winning distilleries, breweries and estate wineries and meaderies right here in Alberta. Modernizing policies helps them to showcase their products, grow their sales, and connect with their local community.