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Lemonade Day is June 10th!

Okotoks Hosts 3rd Annual Lemonade Day this weekend!

The Okotoks Lemonade Day organizing committee is very proud to bring Lemonade Day to Okotoks. Lemonade Day was first introduced in Houston, Texas in 2007 to provide children and young adults with a collection of entrepreneurial skills not taught anywhere in the education system. Since 2007, almost 750,000 kids have participated in cities across North America and this year it is expected that over 150,000 students in over 50 cities will participate in this tremendous program.

This course material, along with the experience gained from planning and operating their own businesses, will provide our local youth with self confidence in many facets of their lives and introduce a better understanding of small business and money. The program is founded on three major pillars; “Save Some, Spend Some, Share Some,” each of which will be directed by the individual Lemonade Entrepreneurs.

The planning process for Lemonade Day has been an amazing experience for each of us on the Organizing Committee. Although we have each been in business for more years than we want to admit, the focus on the three pillars has spurred much discussion about how long it took us to learn some of the lessons taught in this program. Without exception, we each agree that it would have been amazing to learn these lessons earlier in life!

The Lemonade Day event is not only about teaching our youth about planning how to operate a business and the satisfaction that comes from this – it will emphasize the importance of supporting our community. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to develop their business ventures. Local businesses too will be involved, supporting and mentoring the young entrepreneurs through this process and by making some sites available for lemonade stands. The kids will also be taught about the value of sharing which should benefit local charitable organizations who help our community. It is encouraging to know that 63% of all students who participate in Lemonade Day choose to give back to their community by giving to a charity of their choice!

We look forward to you joining us this year to participate and support our youth and our community!

To find the Lemonade Stands click here!

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