Legacy of Divorce-by-Nursing-Home Continuing Under NDP

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: The NDP needs to explain why the former PC government’s callous policy of separating senior couples and loved ones in long-term care is continuing to this day, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The divorce-by-nursing-home policy once separated loved ones by up to 100 kilometres in long-term care. The policy was eventually eliminated altogether due to pressure from Wildrose and provincial seniors advocates. Recent reports about the Bonnett couple suggest the practice is still continuing, however, but in an unofficial capacity.

“It’s incredibly heartbreaking to hear stories of families being torn apart as a result of AHS’ long-term care placement policy that I hoped would have ended with the change in government,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “No family should have to experience the pain that the Bonnetts are facing and the NDP should make it a top priority to ensure that divorce-by-nursing-home becomes a thing of the past.”

Wildrose Shadow Seniors Minister Tany Yao said the government needs to encourage the development of more seniors-friendly facilities and policies that respect loving relationships.

“Alberta seniors built this province and deserve the highest quality of care in their golden years,” Yao said. “The NDP used to call out the divorce-by-nursing-home policy for the cruel policy it is. We need to know now if this is yet another issue that the NDP has flipped flopped on since coming into power.”