Kick off to the Millarville Stockland Beef 2016-2017 Year!

Club Reporter: Jessie Blatz

On September 30th the Foothills 4-H district organized an enjoyable night at the Calgary corn maze for all of us 4-H clubs to get together for some fun! As everybody started showing up, the leaders began preparing hot dogs and snacks while all us kids started meeting up with friends. We all had fun running in the small maze and solving the giant maze in the dark. Lots of us had fun launching each other on the huge pillows and sliding down on our feet on the dirt slide! My favorite part was the friendly fire game where we got to shoot smiley face foam balls at each other.

October 12th was the first meeting and we elected the clubs new executive. Our new president is April Jardie and her sister Amy Jardie is vice president. Secretary will be Martie Blatz and the all-important job of treasurer was filled by Harry Rawn. Also Jessie Blatz is the new club reporter while Emma Campbell and Sage Runge will make up the phoning committee keeping everyone informed about the clubs next activities. We had lots of fun at the end running straight to the doughnuts! We are all looking forward to the club weigh in at Black Diamond land and cattle company on November 5th. For the first time our club will be doing a little multi-judging competition on weigh in day to add some extra fun.

If you want to know more about our club please contact our general leader Susan Jeffery at