Key Infrastructure Projects Create 8,000 Jobs in 2016

Capital Plan 2016 investments have created jobs and spurred construction activity across the province, bringing new roads, schools and health facilities to Albertans.

“Our government has chosen to significantly invest in infrastructure to help stimulate the economy, support Alberta’s families and address the province’s infrastructure deficit. This investment is already paying off. Enhancements to the Capital Plan will support an additional 8,000 estimated jobs in 2016.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation


Several major projects started this year, including:

  • the $80-million Gaetz/QEII interchange project in Red Deer, which will support 300 jobs
  • the Southwest Calgary Ring Road, which will support 8,500 person years of employment throughout the five-year construction period
  • the University of Lethbridge Destination project.

The equivalent of more than 1,500 kilometres of two lane-highway were paved or widened and 105 bridges across the province were replaced, repaired or constructed.

Government’s ongoing investments in infrastructure will benefit Albertans well into the future. Work continues on many other major initiatives, from upgrades at post-secondary institutions to such large-scale new health projects as the Calgary Cancer Centre.

Quick facts


  • As of Sept. 1, 2016, thousands of Alberta students are enjoying classes in 44 modernized or new schools completed since January this year.
  • Seventeen more new or modernized schools are expected to be complete by the end of 2016.
  • A total of 119 school projects are underway and are expected to be complete by the end 2019.


Health facilities

  • As of Sept. 1, 2016, four health projects have been completed.
  • An additional two projects are scheduled to be completed in 2016:  High Prairie Health Complex and Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.
  • An additional seven health facilities are under construction and eight are in the planning and design phase.



  • The 2016 construction season has included nearly 300 projects across the province.
  • Highway 63 twinning is complete, with all 240 km from Grassland to Fort McMurray open to traffic.
  • The final leg of Northeast Anthony Henday Drive is complete, providing 80 km of free-flow traffic around Edmonton. This project supported 2,000 jobs a year over five years.
  • The Southwest Calgary Ring Road will include 31 km of six- and eight-lane divided highway and 49 bridges once complete. This project will support 8,500 person years of employment over the five-year construction period.
  • The Gaetz Avenue/QEII interchange project will improve safety along the province’s critical QEII corridor.



  • A total of eight major capital projects are underway, including NorQuest College, MacEwan University and the University of Lethbridge.