Kenow Fire – Information Update – 18.10.2017; 11:00

Note: Updates will be provided only when there is a significant change in fire activity or closures.

The portion of the fire in the national park is classified as ‘under control’ and is not expected to grow or spread further. Parks Canada continues to monitor and patrol the fire, and will identify and extinguish hot spots as needed.

Small pockets of fuel within the Kenow Fire area in Waterton Lakes National Park have continued burning due to continued dry and extremely windy conditions. Smoke may still be visible for several weeks and hot spots could continue to smoulder into the winter. These isolated hot spots are contained within the larger burned area and are not considered a hazard to grow and escape.  Some smoke was visible in the Cameron Valley along the Akamina Parkway. The recent high winds have blown significant amounts of ash and fine particulate into the air, which may look like smoke. While this blowing ash and dust may look like smoke it does not pose a fire hazard.  It is not necessary to report blowing ash.

The high intensity of the fire resulted in a large number of danger trees, rock falls, deep and hot ash pits and other hazards that continue to pose a safety risk throughout the park. Please respect the area closures. For any fire-related concerns call Parks Canada Dispatch at: 1-888-WARDENS (1-888-927-3367).

This photo shows high winds blowing ash and fine particulate matter into the air in Waterton Lakes National Park. At times this may look like smoke. It is not necessary to report blow ash. Kimberly Pearson / Parks Canada photos.

Some areas in Waterton Lakes National Park are now open to the public. Please see our 
updated list of open and accessible areas by visiting the Kenow Fire webpage. All other frontcountry and backcountry areas (including trails) are closed and being assessed for safety hazards due to the ongoing Kenow Fire.

At this time, camping is not permitted anywhere in Waterton Lakes National Park and all areas west of Upper Waterton Lake remain closed for the safety of the public. Contact the Information Line (403-859-5109) for more information.

Please stop by the information desk at the Parks Canada Operation Building from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday).

·        The Kenow Fire status is ‘under control’.

·        Small pockets of fuel to continue to burn within the fire area due to dry and extremely windy conditions.

·        High winds can blow ash and fine particulate into the air, which may look like smoke.

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