Kenney Applauds Keystone XL Decision

United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney applauded the decision by Nebraska state officials to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which finally clears a key step for this critical energy infrastructure project for Alberta.

“Today’s news is a welcome development for the hardworking Albertans in our energy sector. Keystone XL will provide much-needed market access for Alberta oil, allowing our industry to grow and prosper,’ said Kenney. “From the very beginning, common-sense Albertans knew this pipeline was a ‘no-brainer.’ It was unfortunate that the NDP could not bring itself to vocally support this critically important project.”
In a May 2015 interview on CBC’s ‘The House, then-candidate Rachel Notley told host Evan Solomon “we’re against it” when asked for her position on Keystone XL (CBC Radio, May 2, 2015).

“The NDP opposed Keystone XL while in opposition, and did not offer any substantive objections when then-President Obama rejected the project in November 2015. Albertans will remember the NDP’s unwillingness to fight for this critical project,” said UCP Energy Critic Prasad Panda.
“The NDP would be wise to remember that its job-killing carbon tax played no role in getting Keystone XL approved. While we all hope that TransMountain succeeds, it is becoming increasingly clear by the day that the NDP’s plan to achieve so-called ‘social licence’ is in shambles,” concluded Kenney.