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JUST THE FACTS: NDP government making life worse for Alberta families at back to school time

EDMONTON, AB: As Alberta families head back to school or prepare to after Labour Day, the damage of NDP policies is adding up for parents and students while the government continues to consistently fail to live up to the standards that Albertans deserve.

United Conservative Party Caucus Education critics Leela Aheer and Dave Rodney have been listening carefully to the deep concerns of Albertans and advocating for students and families in the Legislature. They said that while the NDP plunges our province further into debt and deficit hurting future generations, they are also making life worse for everyday families.

Here are the facts:

  • The lack of consultation with school boards and poor communication around Bill 1 means that parents have a short timeframe to react to significant transportation changes for the school year;
  • The NDP government’s ever climbing carbon tax will cost school boards millions extra that they can’t afford;
  • That same carbon tax is set to increase January 1 and will leave parents less money for after school activities, school lunches, and more, and;
  • When it comes to supporting choice in education, the NDP government had to be embarrassed into supporting a motion on the matter.

The United Conservative Party Caucus will be hard at work urging the NDP government to consider the consequences of their reckless plan on everyday Alberta families and students.

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