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JUST THE FACTS: Ceci is a Sore Loser

EDMONTON, AB: Finance Minister Joe Ceci was on the losing end of a ruling from the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) panel related to discriminatory beer taxes. Now he’s doubling down and bullying an Alberta company, Artisan Ales, for its decision to publicly release the ruling.

United Conservative Party Caucus Finance Critic Derek Fildebrandt said the actions of Ceci are unprofessional at best.

Here are the facts:

  • The AIT panel has determined that the NDP beer tax was discriminatory and needs to change.
  • The AIT panel does not prohibit a private party from informing the public that they have won an AIT trade dispute.
  • Ceci has been warned countless times that his beer tax was discriminatory. The reality is, there is nothing in the AIT preventing Artisan Ales from distributing the panel’s report. Ceci should accept the panel’s findings, and drop his discriminatory beer tax instead of bullying an Alberta business.

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