Jean and Yao Release Statement Marking One Year Since Fort McMurray Evacuation

FORT McMURRAY, AB (May 3, 2017): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and Wildrose Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA Tany Yao released the following joint statement marking one year since Fort McMurray was evacuated due to wildfires:

“It was just one year ago when our neighbours and friends were forced to flee their homes, with many not knowing if they’d have a house to come back to.

“Many firefighters and first responders were forced to work day and night protecting our city, even though many knew their own homes had been lost. These men and women are true heroes.

“For days that quickly turned into weeks, individuals and families went through feelings of great loss, uncertainty and anxiety during the evacuation. We all owe Albertans who opened their homes, their wallets and gave of their time a great debt of gratitude.

“There’s no doubt the loss from the fires and for families has been acute and experienced in different ways. But it was comforting knowing all of Alberta, and all of Canada, were offering their support.

“There is hope. As we said almost a year ago, we will be there with our tool belt on as Fort McMurray rebuilds. We’ve always believed we live in one of the best places in the world, not because of what’s under the ground or around us, but because of the people.

“We do still need help. For some, there are still hurdles to rebuilding. Businesses are still hurting from the downturn and the impact of fires from a year ago.

“But we have reasons to celebrate, for our perseverance, our resilience and our hope for a stronger future.”