Jean Statement on Coderre’s Attempt to Interfere With Energy East Hearings

EDMONTON, AB:, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement on Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s ongoing attempts to interfere with the National Energy Board’s independent hearings and question the integrity of its commissioners:

“Like many Canadians, I’m growing tired of Mr. Coderre’s continued attempts to interfere with the world-class independent review process currently assessing the Energy East pipeline project.

“The National Energy Board is the best energy regulator in the world, and Mr. Coderre needs to immediately step away from this independent review.

“I’m particularly stunned by Mr. Coderre’s attacks on the independent commissioners of our national energy regulator, while he simultaneously asks the Prime Minister to interfere in the process. The NEB hearings should continue, and I am confident the science of pipeline safety will win the day.

“A politician who dumps raw sewage into his city’s fresh waterways while accepting billions of dollars in equalization from Alberta taxpayers has no right to cast judgement on the independent National Energy Board process.

“I encourage Mr. Coderre to get back to his important municipal duties at the City of Montreal and leave the business of building pipelines to the professionals.”