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Jean Calls on Feds to Reject Senate Report Calling for Greater Wealth Transfers from Albertans

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose Leader Brian Jean called on the federal government to immediately reject the suggestion from a new senate report that would see an even greater wealth transfer out of Alberta to other provinces through our federal-provincial transfer system.

The report Getting Ready: For a new generation of active seniors, recommends going “outside of equalization” to increase transfers to other provinces across the country.

“Albertans are good neighbours, but they are tired of paying into a broken federal transfer system that, on top of Equalization, has them paying left and right to support other provincial governments instead of their own,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “The Trudeau-Liberals need to immediately reject this suggestion to transfer more wealth from Alberta and instead focus on creating a more fair, balanced, and in some cases smaller equalization and transfer system.”

A recent independent report on equalization commissioned by Wildrose Caucus showed that Albertans contribute on average $24 billion a year more to Ottawa than what they get back in federal transfers or services, such as EI or CPP benefits, or the health and social transfers that are supposed to fall under provincial jurisdiction.

The federal government has recently slapped tax hikes on Alberta’s oil and gas sector, imposed tanker bans on British Columbia’s northern coast and floated the idea of moving the National Energy Board out of Alberta.

“Albertans don’t ask for much, just to be treated fairly, but they continue to see all levels of government work against them,” Jean said. “These type of ideas coming out of Ottawa don’t help.”

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