Jean Brings Bold, Positive Vision to Hometown Debate

FORT McMURRAY, AB: Thursday night, Brian Jean brought his bold, positive vision for Alberta to his hometown at the United Conservative Party’s fourth leadership debate. Brian brought his policy priorities on energy and the environment, intergovernmental relations and the economy to Fort McMurray.

Brian Jean launched a full range of policy priorities early on in the United Conservative leadership race including Here for Albertans: Securing our Economic Future. By repealing the carbon tax and NDP oilsands cap, balancing the budget and shrinking the size of government, Brian would end the NDP’s anti-growth policies and build a new Alberta Advantage.

“Albertans are tired of the NDP’s anti-growth agenda. The time of big government in Edmonton is over,” Yao said. “Under Brian’s plan we will reduce the tax burden for families, cut red-tape by one-third across government, cut business taxes to grow the economy and make Alberta the most competitive place in all of Canada.”

Of the three people running for leadership of the United Conservatives, Brian Jean was the first to make a statement and condemn eastern politicians taking pride in the cancellation of Energy East, a pipeline that would have added $55 billion to Canada’s economy, and $9 billion to Quebec’s economy.

An Angus Reid poll released yesterday means the last nine straight independent, scientific, public polls show that Brian Jean is the most popular politician in Alberta and the only leadership candidate capable of generating the support needed across the province to virtually ensure a United Conservative Party victory in the next election.

“The political blockading of Alberta and Canada’s energy products is completely unacceptable and Brian will fight it every step of the way,” Yao said. “Brian will stand up to Ottawa, challenge Trudeau’s NEB reforms in court and uphold our constitutional right to get Alberta’s energy products to market.”