Jason Kenney Runs for Leader of United Conservative Party

Edmonton, AB –  Yesterday, Jason Kenney announced his candidacy for leader of the newly-formed United Conservative Party before a crowd of hundreds of supporters.

This announcement follows his successful campaign run for PC Leader, negotiating a unity agreement between the PCs and Wildrose, and a membership referendum that saw the membership of both parties vote 95% in favour of unity.

Quotes for attribution to Jason Kenney

“The critics said it would take too long, it was too complicated, it wasn’t legal. One party leader said that the unity plan was all “gamesmanship” that would create “confusion and disarray” and could result in “three or four” conservative parties instead of one. But Alberta is the can-do province. We don’t sit around looking for excuses, we figure out how to overcome obstacles and we just get ‘er done!”

“This will be the most challenging time in Alberta government in at least 25 years. We need a leader with consistent conservative convictions,  who can withstand endless attacks without flinching, who has the political skills to unite our new party while reaching out to broaden the tent, and has a proven track record of leading major reforms within government. I know that I have those clear convictions. And I have been blessed with the right kind of experience, which I believe has given me the temperament needed for the huge challenge ahead. And so, in a spirit of servant leadership, I am today announcing my intention to seek the leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta. ”