Jason Kenney Endorsed By Over 50 Former PC MLAs

Jason Kenney (Twitter)

Calgary, AB–52 former Progressive Conservative MLAs and Ministers have endorsed PC Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney and his campaign to achieve unite free-enterprise Albertans.

“I am honoured to receive the support of dozens of former MLAs and Ministers, all of whom are passionate about public service, and Alberta’s future,” Kenney said. “The breadth of these endorsements shows huge support for the creation of a contemporary version of the Lougheed and Klein coalitions to replace the NDP and get Alberta back on track.”

“I appreciate the vision of these leaders. Like me, they respect the proud legacy of the PC Party, but also see the need for change.  They understand that Wildrose supporters were an integral part of the PC coalition in the past, and that we must reunite on the basis of our traditional Alberta belief in personal and fiscal responsibility, and a caring society, to restore hope to those who are hurting because of the NDP’s anti-growth agenda,” said Kenney.

“These former MLAs and Ministers agree with the three quarters of PC supporters who want to see unity amongst Alberta conservatives, according to recent public opinion polls.  They understand that we must honour what’s best about our past, and learn from the mistakes of the past, without getting trapped in the past. We must move forward united,” Kenney said.

Under the rules of the PC Leadership Election, all former PC MLAs who are Alberta residents have automatic delegate status allowing them to vote at the March 18, 2017 Leadership Convention.  Many other former MLAs have indicated support for Jason Kenney’s candidacy, but are constrained from making public endorsements for professional reasons. Additional public endorsements from former MLAs will follow in the weeks ahead.

Kenney is committed to ensuring fair, open, and transparent nominations.

The following former MLAs are today endorsing Jason Kenney:

  1. Art Johnson, Calgary-Hays
  2. Moe Amery, Calgary-East
  3. Naresh Bhardwaj, Edmonton-Ellerslie (Associate Minister of Persons with Disabilities)
  4. Bob Bogle, Taber-Warner (Minister for Native Affairs, Social Services & Community Health, Utilities and Telecommunications, Caucus Chair & Whip)
  5. Neil Brown, Calgary-Nose Hill
  6. Wayne Cao, Calgary-Fort
  7. Christine Cusanelli, Calgary-Currie (Minister for Tourism, Parks, & Recreation)
  8. Stockwell Day*, Red Deer-North (House Leader, Minister for Labour, Social Services, Treasury Board)
  9. Jonathan Denis, Calgary-Egmont & Calgary Acadia (Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs, Solicitor General & Public Security, Justice, Attorney General & Solicitor General)
  10. Gordon Dirks, Calgary-Elbow (Minister for Education)
  11. David Dorward, Edmonton-Gold Bar (Associate Minister of Aboriginal Relations)
  12. Brian Evans, Banff-Cochrane (Minister of Justice and Attorney General)
  13. Kyle Fawcett, Calgary-North Hill (Minister for Jobs, Skills, Training & Labour, Environment & Sustainable Resource Development)
  14. Butch Fisher, Wainright (Minister for Public Works, Supply & Services, Transportation & Utilities)
  15. Heather Forsyth, Calgary-Fish Creek (Solicitor General, Minister for Children’s Services)
  16. Jim Foster, Red Deer (Minister of Advanced Education, Attorney General)
  17. Gary Friedel, Peace River
  18. George Groeneveld, Highwood
  19. Denis Herard, Calgary-Egemont (Minister for Advanced Education)
  20. Ron Hierath, Taber-Warner & Cardston-Taber-Warner
  21. Mark Hlady, Calgary-Mountain View
  22. Mary Anne Jablonski, Red Deer-North (Minister for Seniors & Community Supports)
  23. Matt Jeneroux, Edmonton-South West
  24. Karen Kryczka, Calgary-West
  25. Ken Lemke, Stony Plain
  26. Fred Lindsay, Stony Plain (Solicitor General, Minister for Public Security)
  27. Ron Liepert, Calgary-West (Minister for Education, Health & Wellness, Energy, Finance)
  28. Jason Luan, Calgary-Hawkwood
  29. Ty Lund (Minister for Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, Infrastructure, Government Services, Transportation)
  30. Ian McClelland, Edmonton-Rutherford
  31. Everett McDonald, Grande Prairie-Smoky (Minister for Agriculture)
  32. Greg Melchin, Calgary-North West (Minister for Revenue, Energy, Seniors & Community Supports)
  33. Ted Morton, Foothills-Rocky View (Minister for Sustainable Resource Development, Finance, Energy)
  34. Dianne Nelson-Mirosh, Calgary-Glenmore (Member of the Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission, Community Development, Human Rights Commission)
  35. John Oldring, Red Deer South (Minister for Family & Social Services)
  36. Rick Orman, Calgary-Montrose (Minister for Career Development & Employment, Labour, Energy)
  37. Luke Ouellette, Innisfail-Sylvan Lake (Minister for Restructuring & Government Efficiency, Infrastructure & Transportation)
  38. Walter Paszkowski, Smoky River
  39. Ray Prins, Lacombe-Ponoka
  40. Sohail Quadri, Edmonton-Mill Woods
  41. Peter Sandhu, Edmonton-Manning
  42. Janice Sarich, Edmonton-Decore
  43. Stan Schumacher, Drumheller (Speaker)
  44. Shiraz Shariff, Calgary-McCall
  45. Gordon Shrake, Calgary-Millican
  46. Lloyd Snelgrove, Vermilion-Lloydminster (Minister for Service Alberta, Finance & President of the Treasury Board)
  47. Ray Speaker, Little Bow
  48. Don Tannas, Highwood
  49. George Vanderburg, Whitecourt-Ste. Anne (Minister for Service Alberta, Seniors & Community Supports)
  50. Steve West, Vermillion-Lloydminster (Minister of Finance, Energy, Economics, Development & Tourism)
  51. Julius Yankowsky, Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview & Edmonton-Beverly-Belmont
  52. Steve Zarusky, Redwater-Andrew (Minister for Multiculturalism)

*Cannot vote as ex-officio as not residing in Alberta

Quotations from former MLAs

“I’m proud to endorse Jason Kenney’s leadership bid. I’ve seen firsthand the sincerity in his outreach efforts over the summer. He’s here to build a big-tent coalition of diverse and tolerant conservatives, and I’m excited to be a part of it.” —Former Calgary-Hawkwood MLA, Jason Luan

“I’ve known Jason for many years, and had the pleasure of working with him when he was an MP and I was the MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek. Jason and I have discussed the importance of uniting conservatives, as well as what needs to be done to accomplish this by engaging all Albertans, and I support him wholeheartedly . His vision for our province, integrity, commitment, and passion is what we need in a leader. I am pleased to endorse Jason and will do what I can to help him.”–Former Solicitor General and Calgary-Fish Creek MLA, Heather Forsyth

“Jason Kenney’s campaign to unite Alberta is exactly what this province needs right now. His 20 years of public service has already demonstrated that Jason has what it takes to unite Albertans before the next election. During that time, he demonstrated his love of and compassion for people. He will make an effective leader. I’m proud to support his candidacy.”–Former Associate Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Edmonton-Gold bar MLA, David Dorward 

Source: Jason Kenney Leadership Campaign