Investing in Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Provincial community grants supported more than 1,200 non-profit projects across Alberta in 2016-17.

Grade 3 and 4 students show Minister Ricardo Miranda the tomato plants they care for in the CKE Community Hall garden

A wide range of community projects have benefited from grant support. Funding ranged from small grants of $2,000 for equipment purchases to large grants of $800,000 to assist with the building of new facilities.

“Community grants programs help build stronger, healthier and more inclusive communities. I’m proud that our government supports non-profit organizations that are working hard delivering programs and services that make life better for Albertans and give communities an opportunity to thrive.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

During fiscal 2016-17, the Alberta government provided $38 million in Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grants to support 464 different community infrastructure projects. The funding provided though the CFEP programs helps support these important projects and a sector that employs more than 175,000 Albertans and creates new employment opportunities for local contractors and suppliers.

A further $22.2 million was allocated through the province’s Community Initiatives Program Major Cultural and Sporting Events, Project-based, Operating and International Development grant streams to support 742 initiatives. A total of $1.9 million was also provided through the Other Initiatives Program to support seven projects falling outside the criteria of other community grants programs.

The Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) provides matching grants to eligible non-profit organizations to support facility enhancement and development projects. The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides operating and programming funding for community-based initiatives. The CIP International Development Program grant also offers support to international emergency relief efforts as well as Alberta-based organizations involved in humanitarian and poverty-reduction projects in developing nations.

Changes to the province’s community grants program introduced earlier this month and in December 2016 will also provide greater clarity and transparency and ensure funding is directed to priority areas in the non-profit sector.

A complete list of grant recipients and projects is available online. Examples of projects approved for funding include:

Chinook Park-Kelvin Grove-Eagle Ridge Community Association (Calgary)

Grant amount: $800,000 (CFEP Large): Funding to be used to support the development of a new community centre, allowing the association to expand its recreation, cultural and health and wellness programming.

Inn from the Cold (Calgary)

Grant amount: $111,277 (CFEP Small): Funding to assist with the cost of facility renovations including doors, floors, plumbing, electrical, heating, fire suppression for the programming space, the Kidz Zone, on-site clinic and key staff work areas. In 2016, Inn from the Cold provided over 12,000 shelter stays to more than 400 homeless children and their families.

Bezanson Agricultural Society (Bezanson)

Grant amount: $750,000 (CFEP Large): Funding to help support the expansion of the existing facility to create a multi-use cultural centre able to host large cultural, sporting and agricultural events.

Kids with Cancer Society of Northern Alberta (Edmonton)

Grant amount: $250,000 (CFEP Large): Funding to assist with renovations to the organization’s facility that provides short-term accommodations for families with children undergoing treatment in Edmonton.

Fort Vermilion Community Library Society (Fort Vermilion)

Grant amount: $6,000 (CFEP Small): Funding to be used to assist with costs for the replacement of the facility’s furnace and hot water tanks.

Alberta Caregivers Association (Edmonton)

Grant amount: $23,250 (CIP Project-based): Funding to assist the association in providing support and information to the association’s provincewide network of caregivers.

Calgary Young People’s Theatre Society (Calgary)

Grant amount: $8,350 (CIP Project-based): Funding to support the hosting of the Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre held April 27 – May 7 in Calgary.

Somali Youth League Society (Calgary)

Grant amount: $2,126 (CIP Project-based): Funding to assist with the purchase of new equipment to support life skills training for Somali youth.

Dare to Care Bully Prevention & Life Skills Inc. (Calgary)

Grant amount: $12,342 (CIP Project-based): Funding to assist with programming costs to help youth, parents and educators across the province recognize the signs of bullying and other challenging behaviours and take action.

Métis Nation of Alberta Association Local Council Chinook 1880 (Pincher Creek)

Grant amount: $16,000 (CIP Project-based): Funding to assist with developing a new program that focuses on healthy mind, body, spirit and emotions for the Métis community.

Light Up the World (Calgary)

Grant amount: $17,030 (CIP International Development): Funding to assist in establishing sustainable solar energy systems to remote, off-grid communities in Peru. Part of the project is to train community members on how to install, maintain and repair solar PV systems that will become the first source of electric power for families living off-grid.

Rainbow for the Future (Westlock)

Grant amount: $16,500 (CIP International Development): Funding to provide support for 110 orphaned and vulnerable children at an orphanage in Ethiopia, including support for youth to attend school and help with housing and food.

Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women Society (Calgary)

Grant amount: $45,000 (CIP Operating): Funding to assist with the costs of an addictions care worker. The Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women Society provides residential recovery facilities for women who experience the co-occurring issues of addiction, mental health distress, and a history of abuse. Alcove offers the only program in Alberta that allows mothers to bring their children with them into recovery, preserving the family unit.

High Prairie and District Food Bank Society (High Prairie)

Grant amount: $45,000 (CIP Operating): Funding to assist with the costs of a coordinator and assistant coordinator. The High Prairie and District Food Bank Society provides approximately 300-500 hampers annually through the food hamper program. This consists of feeding 800-1,100 people annually, with children comprising 40 per cent of clients served. The organization also provides a community kitchen program to help clients with budgeting and meal preparation.