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Introduction of a New Coaldale School Resource Officer and Dedicated Coaldale Municipal Traffic Officer

Coaldale, AB – On February 27, 2017 the Coaldale RCMP are launching a new program in Coaldale.  A new school resource officer, Community Peace Officer (CPO) Jerry GURR will assume this role today.  Additionally a dedicated RCMP traffic enforcement officer, Constable Stephen FYFE, will begin his traffic duties today within the Town of Coaldale.
The Coaldale RCMP, working closely with the Town of Coaldale, now have CPO GURR to carry on the school resource officer role for the Town of Coaldale. Staff Sergeant Glenn HENRY states ” CPO GURR is a welcome addition being a former Lethbridge Regional Police Service member, a former trained school resource officer and a well known long time resident of Coaldale”.  The Coaldale RCMP will be working very closely with CPO GURR and will be assisting him with his duties at the Coaldale based schools. The Town of Coaldale and Coaldale RCMP will conduct another review at the end of the school season/start of the next school season to determine the effectiveness of this service delivery model.
Constable Stephen FYFE has been appointed to dedicated traffic duties in Coaldale.  He will assist CPO GURR in school zones in Coaldale and overall monitor the town for traffic violations with the hope to change poor driving habits and deter traffic violation keeping the highway and streets in Coaldale safer for our residents.
Next time you are passing through Coaldale remember there maybe an increased traffic enforcement presence during peak driving periods.  All motorists are reminded to obey the traffic rules including speed zones, seat belts and distracted driving.

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