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Looking for some free publicity? We just might publish your interview! Preference will be given to Foothills County locals, but everyone and anyone is welcome to submit an interview. Keep reading to learn more!

If you’re a business, artist, author, organization – basically anyone who could benefit from some extra publicity and letting the world know more about you and what you do, then we’d love to feature you in our Q & A style interview.

Please answer the questions in the sections below that feel appropriate for you. Think of them in terms of what you do (don’t worry about the wording of them being too literal, aim for the concept of what the question is asking, not how it’s asking it). So if you’re an artist and the question says business, swap the word business for artist and answer in that context.

Treat these questions as if we’re sat together having a conversation – how would answer me personally?

We require the minimums for each section to be answered. You’re welcome to answer more, but please don’t answer them all. Our goal is to produce interviews that are both informative and entertaining.

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Interview Questions

  • Click the headings below to expand the questions.
  • The Facts

  • Answer all of the following that are applicable. Only include information that you're comfortable being published for the public.
  • A glimpse inside

  • Answer at least 2 of the following, but not all of them. The idea is to give readers a glimpse into what it's like to be in your shoes. What drives your passion?
  • The mechanics

  • Answer at least 2 of the following, but not all of them. This is more about what makes things (or you) tick. If you feel you covered something in a previous answer, that's fine too, skip it here.
  • The fun of it

  • Answer at least 3 of the following, but definitely not all of them 🙂 Have some fun with these and let yourself shine through. Promoting anything is about relationships, customers want to know, like and trust the people or businesses they deal with. Feel free to modify the questions if you feel a slightly different angle suits you better, just add the modification in brackets before your answer.
  • Extras

  • We reserve the right to edit answers for spelling, grammar, comprehension, and appropriateness. 

    A copy of the revisions will be sent to you, prior to publication, for your approval. 

    If and when interviews will be published is at our discretion.

    Please provide between 2 to 6 photos that you’d like included. 



Q: How long do my answers need to be?
A: Entirely up to you. They should be as long or as short as they need to be to convey the message.

Q: Can I submit more than one interview?
A: Sure, why not. However, we will only run additional interviews for the same person/business when we don’t have any other first timers waiting. And, you have answer completely different questions each time.

Q: Can I do this old school? I don’t want to submit a form online.
A: You bet. Download the Word Doc with the button below. However, please type your answers and send it back to us by email at We won’t accept handwritten interviews, as it requires us to decipher penmanship and we have to type it all up ourselves. If you can give us a really good reason to make an exception, we’ll consider it.

Download the Interview Questions as a Word Doc by clicking this link