International Development Week: Statement by the Minister of Culture and Tourism

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, issued the following statement recognizing International Development Week, Feb. 5 – 11.

“International Development Week is an opportunity to recognize those who are making a difference in developing nations and strengthening Alberta’s reputation throughout the world.

“It is an opportunity to acknowledge the staff and volunteers of community-based organizations and thousands of Albertans for their efforts and generous contributions. Through their support, new classrooms in Zambia are welcoming eager students, new medical imaging equipment is helping to save lives in Ukraine and micro-financing is giving entrepreneurs in Haiti the chance to break the cycle of poverty and build strong, sustainable communities.

“Just as individuals and organizations around the world stepped forward to show their support during the Fort McMurray and Slave Lake wildfires and the 2013 southern Alberta floods, Albertans are quick to come to the aid of those in need wherever need arises. As government, we are proud to help support Alberta-based humanitarian initiatives with funding support through the International Development Program.

“To the non-profit and civil society organizations working to improve the lives of our global neighbours and to all Albertans whose compassion knows no boundaries – thank you.”