More Instant Savings for Energy-efficiency Products

Albertans bracing for colder months will have more help lowering their utility bills, thanks to another round of instant savings on energy-efficient products.

Minister Shannon Phillips announces next round of instant savings campaign for Albertans.

Starting today, Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering in-store savings on outdoor timers for block heaters and holiday lights and programmable thermostats, as well as many other energy-efficient products.

“Fall and winter are the most energy-intensive seasons of the year. We’re making life more affordable for Albertans by offering more opportunities to lower utility bills with a few simple changes around the home.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office

The fall campaign runs for four weeks until Oct. 29 at over 600 participating retailers. More than 80 additional stores are participating in this campaign, giving Albertans dozens of new places to find energy-efficient products.

The spring campaign led to major increases in sales of energy-efficient items. Low-flow showerhead sales spiked 40,000 per cent, while LED light sales increased 8,000 to 14,500 per cent.

In total, Albertans purchased 4.3 million products that will continue to pay dividends on lower utility bills for years to come. Products sold are expected to save more than 420,000 gigajoules of energy, equal to heating 3,523 homes.

“The spring campaign was a huge success, proving once again that Albertans embraced the many ways we can make our homes more efficient and comfortable. We’re continuing to build on this momentum to further reduce energy use.”

Monica Curtis, CEO, Energy Efficiency Alberta

“We’re excited to be participating again and expect the same success with the fall promotion. We saw a 1,000 per cent hike in sales for LED bulbs, big savings since up to 10 per cent of a home’s energy consumption is related to lighting and LED bulbs consume 75 per cent less energy.”

Mike Shreve, store manager, RONA

Energy Efficiency Alberta programs provide incentives for families, businesses, non-profits and communities to invest in energy-saving projects. These programs have supported the creation of 1,300 private sector jobs in the province’s burgeoning energy efficiency sector.

“Albertans clearly see the value of energy efficiency. As important as these initial steps are, they are a foundation for deeper and longer-lived savings available from future programs. We look forward to seeing how energy efficiency can transform the way Albertans use and think about energy.”

Julia Maria-Becker, energy efficiency analyst, Pembina Institute

Quick facts

There are multiple ways to save through the Residential Retail Products Program:

  • Instant Rebates: In-store products like LED lights, smart power strips and heavy duty timers.
  • Home Improvement Rebates: Up to $3,500 on products such as windows, insulation and tankless hot water heaters installed by a certified contractor.
  • Online Rebates: Rebates of up to $100 on eligible clothes washers, refrigerators and smart thermostats.

Backgrounder: Instant rebates spring results

Average reported sales increases by retailers during spring campaign.


Sales increase (%)

Smart power bars 1,658%
Low-flow showerheads 39,665%
Programmable thermostats 264%
Outdoor clothesline 43%
Motion sensors 449%
LED lights (non A-line) 8,020%
LED lights (A-line) 14,545%
LED fixtures 975%
Heavy duty timers 608%
Dimmer switches 239%
Aerator 120%