Improving Road Test Service for Alberta Drivers

Changes to the province’s road test model will improve access for rural communities and enhance service for all drivers.

Minister Malkinson (L) and Minister Mason announce changes to Alberta’s road test model.

Alberta is the only province in Canada with a completely privatized road test framework. The current system, with limited oversight, is vulnerable to many problems, such as inconsistent fees, poor service, reduced access in rural areas and an overall lack of integrity.

Following consultation with industry stakeholders and Albertans, the province is moving forward with changes to the road test model for all driver’s licence classes.

Effective March 1, 2019, all driver examinations will be conducted by Government of Alberta employees. Fees for road tests for all classes of driver’s licences will be standardized and services will be accessible at registry agent locations across the province.

“Albertans deserve a system for road tests that meets high standards for being fair, consistent, accessible and trustworthy. We are taking action to change the way road tests are conducted to restore public confidence in the program. A government-run road test system will ensure high standards for safe, consistent, reliable service across Alberta.”

~Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“We are taking steps to ensure Alberta’s driver examination model is safe, transparent and secure. We committed to consulting and working with registry agents, and we did just that. These changes maintain the vital role that registry agents play in our system and ensure that the important frontline services they provide will continue to be available to Albertans in their communities.”

~Brian Malkinson, Minister of Service Alberta

The province will immediately begin recruiting and training driver examiners to conduct all road tests as government employees.

Benefits of a government-run road test model include:

  • Standardized fees to ensure everyone pays the same price for the same service.
  • Enhanced oversight to ensure road test services are conducted fairly, consistently and professionally.
  • A call centre to receive complaints and coordinate responses effectively.
  • Mobile driver examiners using tablet and GPS technology to enhance accessibility across the province, especially in rural areas.
  • Online and in-person scheduling.
  • Benefits and professional development opportunities for driver examiners.

Quick facts

  • Prior to 1993, all driver examiners were government employees.
  • On average, Alberta Transportation receives seven complaints about driver examinations every weekday.
  • More than 200,000 road tests for all driver’s licence classes were conducted in Alberta in 2016.
  • There are 153 privatized driver examiners currently operating in Alberta.