High River’s Creativity Highlighted in Rooted in People Video

The creative pursuits within a community serve as pivotal components of its overall identity, contributing to its vibrancy and distinct character. Artists of all disciplines have the unique ability to capture a community’s stories and beauty through their multifaceted work, and this is evident through the newest installment of the Town of High River’s Rooted in People digital campaign. Launched in May 2017, Rooted in People showcases the Town’s strengths, such as entrepreneurs, adventure, agriculture and family.

Former High River resident W.O. Mitchell often cited the people around him as a source of inspiration, and High River’s immense personality is apparent within its creative community. The Town is a place where entrepreneurs of all disciplines can thrive, and the community’s downtown core was built with creativity and the arts in mind. The new Rooted in People video captures the creativity fostered within High River while showcasing several local businesses that span various artistic disciplines—Forge and Facet Jewellers, Evanescence Gallery, Art & Soul Gallery and Room at Home Gallery—to illustrate not only their individual endeavours but the breadth of artistic talent present in community.