High River: Update on the Southwest Dike

HIGH RIVER, AB: In February of 2016 High River council approved the “reverse s-curve” alignment of the southwest dike that would see the dike run south from 12 Avenue S.W., along the Town boundary, curving east to connect with 88 Street.

Negotiations with the primary landowner have been ongoing. As of the middle of June, the landowner declined the offer from the Town for the compensation relating to the “reverse s-curve” alignment of the southwest dike.

The Town will now focus on a dike alignment that will run along or parallel to 12 Avenue S.W., turning south near 88 Street along the old Canadian Pacific right-of-way (referred to as the “hockey stick” alignment).

Town of High River staff will present council with updated design work for the “hockey stick” alignment at an upcoming council meeting. Staff are currently aiming for the August 21 regular meeting of council, or an earlier special meeting of council, so that the ongoing negotiations with the landowner can focus on the “hockey stick” alignment. This alignment would provide the same level of protection to the community as the “reverse s-curve” option.

Completing the southwest dike is a major priority for the Town as it is an integral part of the overall flood mitigation strategy.

The southwest dike will be funded through a $20.9 million grant announced by the Government of Alberta on November 2, 2015. The interim flood mitigation measures along 12 Avenue S.W. will remain in place until a permanent solution has been approved and constructed.