High River Residents Asked to Provide Feedback on Town’s Municipal Enforcement Model

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town is currently reviewing its municipal enforcement model and has created an online survey to collect input from residents. The survey will assist with selecting the model that is the most desirable and effective for the community.

The survey will determine the level of resident’s familiarity with municipal enforcement, the levels of service received to date and what would be anticipated or preferred in the future.  This data will then be combined with information from other sources to provide Council with a comprehensive overview of the various possible models.

“With some recent changes in circumstances and staff levels, there was an opportunity to consider how bylaw enforcement and some provincial law enforcement are conducted within our community,” says Lisa Reinders, director of community services with the Town. “The RCMP will naturally remain the major law enforcement agency but, with the data from this survey, Council will be able to review exactly how the various local bylaws and more minor provincial statutes are enforced.”

Community Services staff are also currently working to identify all possible models of municipal enforcement and these could involve a service with varying numbers of Bylaw Officers and/or Community Peace Officers of various levels of authority.  Once the model is decided on by Council, the delivery of services will be determined and hiring of staff and administration will commence.

The brief online survey is open now until September 6 and all responses will be kept anonymous. The Town is requesting that only High River residents provide their input and that only one survey be completed by each individual resident. The final report will be presented to Council in late September.