High River Council Appoints Members to the Community Vitality Advisory Committee

HIGH RIVER, AB: Nine High River citizens were appointed to the new Community Vitality Advisory Committee at the January 23 regular meeting of council.

This new Town committee will review applications for funding of citizen led initiatives through the Community Vitality Fund. The committee will then make recommendations to council on how to best distribute the funds to applicants whose projects will improve the vitality and quality of life in High River.

“The idea behind forming this committee is that citizens build communities,” says Caitland Asmundson, community development worker for the Town. “We are empowering our residents to partner with the Town and lead their own projects, events, and initiatives within the community.”

There are two streams of funding available to applicants. The Innovation Fund is for projects of $2,000 or less, while the Enhancement Fund is for projects with a budget over $2,000.

“The process is fairly simple and removes the requirement that applicants present their projects in front of council,” says Kara Rusk, manager of legislative services for the Town. “Applications will be reviewed three times per year and the committee will present their recommendations for funding to council on behalf of the applicants.”

In order to determine eligibility, potential applicants are asked to first contact Caitland Asmundson, Community Development Worker atcasmundson@highriver.ca or call 403-603-3447. Once a project qualifies for funding, an application will be provided. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and can be directed to LegislativeServices@highriver.ca to be reviewed in January, May and September.

For more information please visit www.highriver.ca under the ‘Town Hall’ menu and then ‘Boards and Committees’ page

Community Vitality Advisory Committee appointments:

One year term

–        Gillian Cropper

–        Elena Kerns

–        Ken Martell

Two year term

–        Angela Caldwell

–        Tom Sales

–        Nicole Schmidt

Three year term

–        Karen Orser

–        Tammy Beach

–        Rob Whitfield