HCRCWA: Suspicious Activity on Priddis Valley Road

HCRCWA: Suspicious Activity on Priddis Valley Road

Toward the end of the third week of July, at a newly-purchased house near Priddis Valley Road, some person or persons came at night on foot to the empty home and looked through the windows. They removed slider screens on the ground floor. A kitchen window was too high, so they used an upturned bucket to reach and remove its screen. Fortunately, the house was empty, so the intruders took nothing.

It was not the first time the new owners had had problems with intruders. Shortly after they had purchased their house, someone had gone through a shed containing some garden implements on the property. The intruder took nothing but left the shed door open to flap in the wind.

The entire area around Priddis Valley Road has been seeing a fair amount of bad activity during the past few weeks. Persons unknown had left a stolen truck in a field nearby, probably the persons arrested at the CrossIrons Mill Mall the previous week. Miscreants had also set a fire in the area that took more than hour for the fire department to extinguish.

The new house owners reported those incidents to the R.C.M.P. and then became members of the High Country Rural Crime Watch Association. It was a wise choice.

Source: High Country Rural Crime Watch Association