HCRCW: Crime Continues in Rural High Country

Here are six crimes the R.C.M.P. has investigated during the past two months:

  • Theft from a home in Millarville (personal items, electronics stolen).
  • Unauthorized entry onto property in Priddis. Nothing out of place, nothing stolen.
  • Theft from an outbuilding on Hwy 762, near Priddis.
  • Theft of fuel from construction equipment, 192 Street, Millarville.
  • Locks cut off two gates, property entered, no buildings or outbuilding accessed, near Priddis.
  • Damage done attempting to enter vehicle, Priddis (Sunset Way) [something the High Country Rural Crime Watch Association reported to you earlier this month].


The need to have a forensics specialist come and survey the scene of a crime is of huge importance to us, in trying to locate evidence that, in turn could lead us to identifying suspects. The more time, weather, foot or vehicle traffic that occurs between the offence time and when RCMP are notified, plays a huge part in this.

 We cannot stress enough the need to report as soon as possible, day or night.

– Cpl. Tiffany McGregor, Turner Valley R.C.M.P.

Just six crimes involving three thefts over the course of two months in our huge geographical area is not a high number, but unfortunately, in addition to those six crimes reported to the police, we know of two other crimes in the same time period, where the victims did not report anything to the police. In light of the R.C.M.P.’s concluding remarks above, we should be on the alert to anything that appears unusual in our areas.

Let’s remember the mantra, “Observe, Record, and Report.” When you see something different, a person, a car, anything, write down the details: description, licence plate numbers, anything that the police could use if it turns out to be a crime. Then phone it in to the R.C.M.P: (403) 933-4262 or to 911.

You should also urge your neighbours to join the High Country Rural Crime Watch Association. Thanks to a legacy we received a few years ago, membership is free. Tell your friends and neighbours these facts:

  • During the past seven years, no member of the H.C.R.C.W.A. has had any thefts. That may not always be the case, but it is an indication of the value of membership.
  • Membership in the H.C.R.C.W.A. is free and includes signage for your property.
  • Members are part of our fan-out system for R.C.M.P. news updates, emergency warnings, and safety messages.


For further information, visit hcrcwa.ca or phone (403) 931-2407.

Our community is safer with you on our team. We need your eyes on our community to fight crime!