Guitars for VETS: Play Your Part Songwriters’ Circle

Date: Friday November 10th, 2017

Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario

Time: 8 pm (Doors Open at 7:30pm)

Ottawa, Ontario, November 10th, 2017 at 8pm: Séan McCann, National Ambassador for Guitars for VETS Canada, is hosting a fundraising concert and songwriter’s circle, and will be joined by fellow artists and friends Sarah Harmer, Joel Plaskett, and Jeremy Fisher on the 10th of November, 2017 at 8pm.

The event is in support of Veterans/Military/RCMP Mental Health. The goal of the event is to bring the therapeutic power of music to serving and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) dealing with the invisible wounds of their service.

“I believe that Music is strong medicine and that a song can save your life. That’s why I support Guitars for VETS.”— Séan McCann

“My guitar saved my life because the more I played, the more all the noise in my head went away – it was life changing. I still suffer with PTSD and always will, but playing has helped me handle it better; music can set the soul free.”— Jim Lowther CD, Founder of Guitars for VETS Canada

The ultimate aim of this event is to raise awareness of the Mental Health issues faced by the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. Additionally, Guitars for VETS hopes to raise enough money to purchase 700 guitars to be distributed across Canada, so that our former and current service men and women can experience the long term benefits of music.

Please join us in supporting this worthwhile cause. If you are able to attend, tickets are available at If you are unable to attend but would like to sponsor the event or purchase a seat for a veteran, you can go to

Free seats are available for veterans and serving members of the CAF and RCMP who are suffering Free seats are available for veterans and serving members of the CAF and RCMP who are suffering from PTSD and other OSIs / Mental Health concerns. Tickets are also available for spouses and caregivers to attend with the member or veteran. We would love if you could attend and benefit from the healing power of music. Contact us at to request your ticket(s). Please provide a contact phone number so we can coordinate with you directly.

About the Guitars for VETS Canada Program

The Guitars for VETS program is based on a simple concept: veterans and currently serving members of the CAF and RCMP who suffer with PTSD or other service-related injuries or disabilities will be provided with a new or gently used guitar. They will also be connected with free online lessons and –when and where available – students will have the option of working with a guitar instructor for 10 weeks of free lessons. These instructor-led lessons may be one-on-one or in small group settings. Our goal with Guitars for Vets is to get as many guitars as possible in the hands of wounded veterans to help the healing process – we have provided more than 800 guitars along with lessons since our programs’ inception. Learn more at

About the VETS Canada Program

Since 2010, VETS Canada has aided over 2,000 veterans in-crisis, at risk of homelessness, or living homeless. As the Veterans Affairs Canada service provider in the field of veteran homelessness and in-crisis outreach, VETS Canada’s volunteers provide aid and comfort to veterans in need, including endeavors such as moving veterans from the streets or shelters into affordable housing, securing food support and needed health care, navigating community services and resources, and helping facilitate re-entrance into the work force. Learn more at