Green Party of Alberta Announces First Candidates for November Leadership Vote

Green Party of Alberta Announces First Candidates for November Leadership Vote

The Green Party of Alberta is very pleased to announce the first three leadership candidates approved by the party executive: they are Romy Tittel, Grant Neufeld and Marco Reid.

The deadline for submission of applications to run in the leadership race is September 10. Carl Svoboda, party president, is confident other candidates will come forward between now and then: “As the recent election in BC shows, more and more people are drawn to Green politics. As a result, it’s an exciting time to be involved in Green political leadership. We know of others who plan to enter the GPA leadership race and there are no doubt more who are considering the move.”

Ms. Tittel was born and raised in Calgary and currently resides just west of the city. She has always been a trail-blazer; for example, she was the second female journeyman electrician in Alberta and for 29 years has been co-owner of PROCAD Software.

Romy has been involved in the community, for example, by volunteering at a local art centre, and helping to sponsor and support new immigrants. As a businesswoman, her experience navigating Alberta’s roller coaster economy has led to her focus on the economic/financial decisions that have degraded the middle class and the planet.

Romy has been active in Green politics at both the provincial and federal levels. As she observes, “The decisions we make here in our province are affected by and resonate throughout our world. The Green Parties around the globe are a powerful and united force bringing the sustainable solutions that will see us get ahead.”

Grant Neufeld is a long-time community organizer and activist in Calgary. For example, he has served on the organizing committee of Alberta Social Forum and the City of Calgary’s Government Strategy Advisory Committee and as guest lecturer in Social Work and Disability Studies post-secondary courses.

Mr. Neufeld is trained in facilitation, non-violence, public speaking, media relations, audio and video production, and graphic design and has served Green parties in various roles, for example, as campaigner in Alberta, B.C. and Nova Scotia, as president of the Alberta Greens 2004 – 2006 and as candidate in Calgary-Buffalo in 2004.

Citing the GPA constitution that the party’s objective is to see a government elected in Alberta that is committed to the green principles, Grant observes that “Winning elections is not the only way Greens can win. If other parties adopt and follow the Green Principles, then we’ve won.”

Marco Reid has spent most of his life in Alberta, now in Calgary. He sees his experience with diverse groups of Alberta’s people, in both blue-collar and white-collar jobs and with LBGTQ and Latin heritage communities, as the source of his skills in connecting and interacting with a wide spectrum of Albertans.

Mr. Reid has degrees in Law and Society and in Psychology. His volunteer experience includes Foothills Hospital, We Day, World Wildlife Foundation, Calgary Pride and Rugby Foundation as well as federal and provincial Green Parties.

Marco’s commitment to the Green Party of Alberta is grounded in his admiration for its promotion of the environmental stewardship that will lead to sustainability and a healthy planet. He has “profound respect for the party for fighting an uphill battle in Alberta and working to dismantle the stigma of environmentalism and the myth that Alberta’s interests cannot coexist with a sustainable society.”

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