Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park: Winter Sleep

When against earth a wooden heel
Clicks as loud as stone on steel,
When stone turns flour instead of flakes,
And frost bakes clay as fire bakes,
When the hard-bitten fields at last
Crack like iron flawed in the cast,
When the world is wicked and cross and old,
I long to be quit of the cruel cold.

Little birds like bubbles of glass
Fly to other Americas,
Birds as bright as sparkles of wine
Fly in the nite to the Argentine,
Birds of azure and flame-birds go
To the tropical Gulf of Mexico:
They chase the sun, they follow the heat,
It is sweet in their bones, O sweet, sweet, sweet!
It’s not with them that I’d love to be,
But under the roots of the balsam tree.

Just as the spiniest chestnut-burr
Is lined within with the finest fur,
So the stoney-walled, snow-roofed house
Of every squirrel and mole and mouse
Is lined with thistledown, sea-gull’s feather,
Velvet mullein-leaf, heaped together
With balsam and juniper, dry and curled,
Sweeter than anything else in the world.

O what a warm and darksome nest
Where the wildest things are hidden to rest!
It’s there that I’d love to lie and sleep,
Soft, soft, soft, and deep, deep, deep!

~ Elinor Wylie

The explosion of colourful leaves is over quickly in Alberta. Our osprey are off to Peru for the winter and many other birds are migrating north. Some of our mammals will soon be hibernating or slowing down until the weather grows warm once more.

The Park is still open for the enjoyment of the local human population! Alberta Parks will be doing its best to keep the paved trails clean for bikers and hikers. Our summer programming is done, but keep your eyes open for our special winter events. It will soon be time to renew your annual membership and join with us in raising funds on Giving Tuesday. We continue to hold Park Talks at the Cochrane library and hope you will join us to hear more about Glacial Lake Calgary (brr!)

Telling the Story of Glacial Lake Calgary

Now retired and able to pursue his passions, John Railton been researching the little-known history of Glacial Lake Calgary. John will open your mind to new aspects of our local environment, its history, and its impact on us and our lives today.

There is more to nature and its effects on humans than we understand! We see a landscape, but don’t understand its story. Let John be your guide on this journey from history to modern day Calgary.
About the Presenter: John Railton
John Railton has three degrees in environmental sciences. During his Masters, he studied permafrost and peatlands in the Hudson’s Bay Lowlands. While at Dalhousie University he studied paleoecology (pollen grains in lake sediment to determine if there was a south mountain icecap in south-central Nova Scotia) and the effects of climate change on vegetation.

He has worked as an environmental manager, regulator, director of research and development, quasi-judicial board member, consultant and lecturer. His assignments have taken him to eight different countries as an environmental consultant.

October 23, 2018
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Nan Boothby Library
405 Railway St W

Stay warm, my friends!

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