Funding Boosts Whitefish Lake First Nation Economy

The Alberta government has partnered with Whitefish Lake First Nation to increase economic opportunities by expanding its heavy equipment operation.

Minister Richard Feehan with Chief Robert Grey and Whitefish Lake First Nation council.


A grant has allowed the Whitefish Lake First Nation-owned company Atikameg Construction and Oilfield Maintenance to purchase five pieces of heavy equipment to be used in projects in the forestry, oil and gas and firefighting sectors.

“Alberta is proud to partner with Whitefish Lake First Nation in its business venture as it will help to create more jobs for community members and provide resources to improve services now and into the future. First Nation businesses also contribute to healthier local economies by promoting growth and prosperity that makes life better for all Albertans.”

~Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations

“This grant will mean greater employment and economic opportunities for our community members. We appreciate the Alberta government’s support to help First Nations like us become more self-sufficient.”

~Robert Grey, Chief of Whitefish Lake First Nation

The purchase of a mulcher, bulldozer, sprayer system, lowboy trailer and service truck has reduced the need to rent equipment, reducing costs and creating 26 new jobs.

The $725,000 grant comes from the Aboriginal Business Investment Fund. Since 2016, the fund has provided $10 million to Indigenous community-owned businesses to invest in business opportunities that promote growth and jobs.

These types of partnerships help to ensure Indigenous peoples can fully participate in the economic life of Alberta.