Fort McMurray First Responders to be Honoured with Overpass

The Government of Alberta is naming the portion of King Street where it crosses Highway 63 as “Responders Way.”
Premier Rachel Notley with Fort McMurray firefighters
Premier Rachel Notley with Fort McMurray firefighters

“On the first day of re-entry, first responders stood on the bridge and welcomed Albertans home. People will think of this touching moment every time they cross the bridge or drive under it. Naming the bridge is a fitting way for us to forever remember the efforts of first responders during the fire.”

Premier Rachel Notley


Alberta Transportation has committed to work with the municipality to ensure that there is appropriate signage to recognize the name change.

“Our commitment reflects the impact made by the many responders who willingly assisted under extremely challenging circumstances. It is notable as well that Responders Way was the unofficial welcome-home point as residents returned to their city and their homes.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation


“Words alone cannot express the bravery and dedication of our first responders during that time, nor the gratitude we all feel for their dedication. We are delighted at the support from the Government of Alberta to ensure a lasting tribute will be in place for generations to come.”

Melissa Blake, Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo