Former Premier Alison Redford’s Portrait Added to Collection

The official portrait of the Honourable Alison Redford, Alberta’s 14th Premier, and first female Premier, has been added to the collection permanently displayed on the third floor of the Alberta Legislature Building.

Respecting the former Premier’s request to forgo any public event, Speaker Robert E. Wanner made the arrangements for the portrait to be hung and provides the following statement from former Premier Alison Redford:

“I want to genuinely thank my family, my friends and the people of Alberta for supporting me during my time in office serving Albertans. It was a unique honour and privilege that has changed my life, my understanding of myself, others, and of this beautiful province.

“I would like to particularly thank Leila Chan, a talented artist from Calgary and a generous person who was kind enough not only to do a beautiful job on this portrait but also to guide me through the journey of creating an image that tells a story. I would like to take this moment to honour our friend that introduced us, Sandra Durrant, who is no longer with us, but changed our lives forever.

“I have observed that, traditionally, those in political life are inclined to use events such as this unveiling to paint their own picture of how they want to be remembered and what they hope their legacy might be; I am choosing not to do that.

“Every picture hanging in the Legislature tells the story of the person in the portrait, shaped by Alberta’s history at the time they served and the context in which that happened. While the temptation to paint their own pictures and tell their own stories will be hard for some to resist, I instead choose to leave the history of my time in office to be written when time has provided a clearer perspective.

“As the author Robert Morgan once said: “Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity”.”