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Business Perspectives on Inclusive Hiring in the Foothills

Foothills SNAPS (Special Needs Association for Parents & Siblings) in High River is conducting a short survey about the opinions and hiring practices of businesses in the Foothills area, specifically in regards to recruiting and hiring individuals with disabilities.

There are many documented benefits to hiring individuals who have disabilities. These benefits include improved employee retention rates over non-disabled persons, pride in the job and organizational loyalty, a more favourable public image for the business, and many others. While there are both real and perceived barriers to employment for individuals, “real” barriers can most often be overcome with accommodations that cost nothing, according to a study done by the Job Accommodation Network between 2004 and 2016. Of those that do require a cost, the benefits employers receive far outweighed the low cost.

In 2014, the Calgary and Area Labour Market conducted a survey that showed results about the inclusive hiring practices of Calgary and area businesses. The intention of the rural Foothills survey is to identify areas where we may be different from a large urban centre in our challenges and to address solutions for the future. The information that will be gathered will be important in educating and bringing awareness to both employers and employees alike. Service agencies could also use the results to be more specific in their support to both businesses and those with barriers.

The survey will explore areas such as: whether the business currently employs any persons with disabilities; if attitudes of customers/clients, lack of understanding of different barriers, or safety might be a challenge to consider when hiring; and other questions of that nature.

Foothills SNAPS is encouraging businesses in the Foothills area to participate in this 6 minute survey to make a difference in the business community! Survey closes June 1st. Please click on your community link below!

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