Foothills School Division Superintendent Welcomes Students Back

Foothills School Division Superintendent Welcomes Students Back

A message from John Bailey, Superintendent of Schools:

I would like to welcome you to Foothills School Division (FSD) for the 2017-18 school year.  Whether you are new to FSD or returning for another year I want to welcome you to our family!  I encourage you to regularly visit our website and to follow us on social media @FSD38 to find great information about our division.

The start of every school year is full of excitement and anticipation.  It is a time of new beginnings for students, staff, volunteers and parents.  For some of our students this will be their first time in school, and for others it is the beginning of their last year of school.  New staff also will be joining us this year and we look forward to the fresh ideas you may bring.  We are pleased you are joining us for the year!

In FSD we serve every student who comes to our schools.  We desire to work closely with families in helping their student grow and learn in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.  We have an emphasis on continuous improvement and personal excellence for every one of our students and staff.

Our primary focus is, of course, on teaching and learning.  Our schools offer many exciting opportunities that cover a wide range of topics and interests, we have solid teaching in all curricular areas, and we have superb extracurricular programming thanks to the dedication of so many volunteers.

Thank you very much to the maintenance and custodial staff who have been working so hard over the last couple of months to have our spaces ready for learning.

It will be an exciting year, and I know you have been working hard to make it a memorable and wonderful year of learning together.  We look forward to our time together in this school year as we celebrate, explore and develop together.