Foothills School Division Okotoks Boundary Review

Be advised an attendance boundary review is underway for all Okotoks area elementary and junior high schools.  We anticipate changes will be made to our existing boundaries as we prepare to open Meadow Ridge School in September of 2019.  We are unable to confirm which school location your child will attend for the 2019-2020 school year until boundaries are finalized in the spring of 2019.

FSD selects attendance areas that allow as many students as possible to attend a school close to home.  We do our best to keep families and communities together.  Careful consideration is given to ensure the school doesn’t fill up too quickly while a community is still growing.  The school will carefully manage enrolment to make sure there’s room for new students who move into the school’s attendance area.

We appreciate your input and the opportunity to openly communicate our process and timelines with you.

Provide Feedback

What are the most important things to consider as we review the Okotoks area school boundaries?  Submit your answers.


The Boundary Review process is currently underway with the anticipated timeline included below:

  • February 2018  –  Background information being prepared with the breakdown of students residing in each neighborhood, community or boundary.
  • May 14, 2018  –  Initial Public Meeting at Dr. Morris Gibson School (7:00pm) to outline process and expectations for school families and public to boundary review.
  • September 2018  –  Boundary Review Committee Formed to gather feedback and recommend options for Board of Trustees to consider.  The committee will provide an opportunity for individuals to send in recommendations and comments.
  • November 28, 2018  –  Report to the Board of Trustees with available options.
  • December 2018  –  Board approves proposed boundaries “in principle”.
  • January 2019  –  Public Meeting for feedback on board approved options.
  • March 2019  –  Board Approves Final Okotoks Area Boundary.

2018 / 2019 Boundary Maps

View our interactive boundary map.  This map allows you to search and locate your address.  Click the  on the top right corner of the map and then the  on the top left corner.  Type your address and select enter.

2018 / 2019 Utilization Rates

Utilization rates represent the number of enrolled students in relation to school capacity.

School Utilization Rate
Big Rock  – 10 modulars 91%
Dr. Morris Gibson – 12 modulars 84%
Ecole Okotoks Jr. High – 2 modulars 91%
Ecole Percy Pegler – 13 modulars 92%
Westmount – 8 modulars 92%
Heritage Heights – 11 modulars 95%