Foothills School Division: Classroom/Program Innovative Projects

The Board is committed to improving opportunities and learning for students.  As part of their work in continuing to promote and support student learning across FSD the Board has committed $1 million dollars over 5 years ($200,000 per year) to support classroom or program projects that will enhance/improve student learning opportunities.  The opportunity to participate in this Board initiative will be communicated to members of FAA (Administration) first, then to all staff.  The messaging accompanying will emphasize that this is a Board of Trustee initiative to provide more opportunity for innovation and creative opportunities to improve student learning.  Given the timelines the information will be shared electronically.  Individuals or schools will be asked to submit project ideas that meet a list of criteria which demonstrate:

-the primary purpose is to enhance and improve demonstrated student learning aimed at achieving excellence

-submitted proposals must describe the project and how it will positively impact student learning and results

-proposals need to include anticipated resources, budget, timelines, outcome(s) to be achieved, evaluation/measurement used to determine success of project

-what is the level of alignment/coherence with school goals, system goals and priorities

-what level of collaboration exists in the proposal (between staff, between staff and students, between students, with outside agencies)

-how is student voice embedded and collected in the project

-proposals may be submitted by any staff member/group of staff or student or group of students for consideration with approval of school administration

-learnings and best practices will be shared by project participants across the division to help improve capacity and learning for all

-maximum of $50,000 per year/per project


Year one

September 2016 – criteria for proposals is finalized and the proposal selection committee is established

October 2016 – information for projects is circulated to schools and staff across the division

October/November 2016 – educational innovative proposals are submitted to selection committee

November/December 2016 – educational innovative proposal projects are selected

January 2017 – educational innovative proposal projects are implemented

June 2017 – data collected

Year two

May 2017 – educational innovative proposals are submitted for consideration or renewal (if applicable) for following school year

October 2017 – data reviewed for first year projects

November 2017 – existing projects receive approval for continuation (if applicable), new projects commence 

The proposal selection committee will consist of one Trustee (TBD), the Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services, the Director of Staff Development, and other directors as needed.

The proposal selection committee will review the submissions and make recommendations for projects to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees for approval.