Foothills School Division 2016 Classroom/Program Innovative Projects (CPIP)

High River, AB, December 21, 2016 – Foothills School Division Board of Trustees announced the distribution of $140,000 to grassroots learning opportunities.  This funding, part of the Board’s commitment of $1 million dollars over 5 years, will be used to support projects that will provide innovative and creative learning opportunities that will enhance student learning across the Division.

Board Chair Christine Pretty said, “We are excited to support projects that will enhance and improve excellence in student learning through creative practice and collaboration. We are looking forward to sharing these innovative projects and their results across the Division and with the community.”

Fourteen proposals have been approved during the December 21 Board meeting.  These projects will occur in 8 different schools spanning from elementary to high school.  They include such projects as building blended learning math portfolios, cross curricular film projects, school wide writing programs, outdoor education for intervention of at-risk students, a human library event, and project based learning on issues such as sustainability and water as well as math and sciences.

Pam Rannelli, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services said, “It was inspiring to see the high caliber and innovative ideas and passion for education and learning that our teachers displayed in putting together these proposals”.

A full list of approved projects will be available in the coming weeks.